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The building and history

Since the 1300s, Storkyrkan – Stockholm Cathedral – has been at the heart of religious and political life in Sweden. Events and personalities have left their mark, inside and out and still do in the form of royal weddings and the opening ceremony of the parliament every autumn.

The Cathedral is the home for many well-known artefacts as the wooden sculpture St George and the Dragon and the Parhelion painting, amongst a few.

The building itself has been extended several times, and features painted ceilings from the earliest construction.

Music life

The musical tradition in the Cathedral has attracted some of the finest organists and choir conductors in Sweden. Concerts are held weekly both in the Cathedral and in St Jacob's Church nearby.

Storkyrkan is the mother church of the Church of Sweden Diocese of Stockholm. Lutheran in tradition, it offers a warm welcome to people of all backgrounds and beliefs.

Welcome to discover the Cathedral, enjoy a concert, take part in service or find some peace in the midst of a busy day.

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