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S:t Jacobs Chamber Choir

Stockholm, Sweden

S:t Jacobs Chamber Choir with the conductor Gary Graden, performs regularly at concerts and services in S:t Jacobs Church and the Stockholm Cathedral (Storkyrkan). Located in the in the heart of Stockholm, these two churches are a renowned center for church music in Sweden.


The choir´s repertoire consists of a cappella works from a wide range of national styles and periods, as well as larger works for choir and orchestra.


Stockholm Cathedral Chamber Choir

Stockholm, Sweden

The Stockholm Cathedral Chamber Choir is a young choir for ambitious singers aged 17-26 years. It began its activities in August 2023 and quickly became sought after and fully subscribed. Today, it consists of over 40 members with a solid background as choral singers, many with experience from music high schools and higher music education. The repertoire spans all epochs and genres. During its first year, they will have participated in everything from Lucia concerts, Christmas concerts, Requiems, premieres, as well as collaborations with orchestras.

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